15 The future

As I already mentioned, as kids it was clear for Hanna and me that we wanted to live in one house when we grew-up or be at least neighbors. Unfortunately, there will be some huge problems because our characters, wishes and friends changed through that long time. To be honest, I am still trying and hoping we could one day fulfill our plans.

Surprisingly, Hanna decided she does not want to live in a beautiful village with fresh air, green meadows, huge gardens and familiar neighbors but instead she wants to live in a city, where you can reach everything by foot, even the really cool shopping malls. Seriously, I am not planning to give up my village plans for her, consequently we probably will not be neighbors.

Unfortunately, a split on the other hand is absolutely impossible because we have so many things we share: books, DVDs, games and even clothes. It is difficult enough to handle this problem while we are only in the same house more or less once a month, which is the current situation. Moreover, Hanna and I started collecting books as kids to fulfill our dream of a huge private library. Neither one of us wants to give up that dream. Understandably, I am hoping Hanna’s house in the city will be too small for a private library.

Nevertheless, there is one opinion that we still totally share: It is absolutely necessary to live close to each other all our lives. Despite this, I have no idea how we will fix our problems (maybe this site can help sometimes: http://www.twinsonline.org.uk/adult-twins/) and how close to Hanna I will really live for the rest of my lief. What is more important is that we will always be close to each other and never let anything come between us.



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