16 The End


Dear reader,
this is now the end of my blog. Even though you do not have a twin or your relationship with your twin is totally different, I gave you an overview how life with a twin is like. If you always had the wish of having a twin and suddenly realized it will never come true because let us be honest, the story of twins separated after birth and suddenly met each other is not very realistic, you can now think how your live with a twin could have been.
Generally in high school movies best friends treat each other often like twins. This is not unrealistic. A relationship between best friends or siblings can be like a twin relationship. My perfect soulmate lied next to me directly after birth but I would not say Hanna is the only soulmate I have. In fact, my best friend has everything Hanna does not have and the other way round. What I want to say is that twins do not fit perfectly together (and do not need other friends) and if you are not born as twin it is still very possible to find “a twin” later in your live.
If you have a very close friend I strongly recommend you to not let ever anything come between you because good friends are rare and best friends are even rarer. Nobody is perfect, so if your best friend or a very close person makes a mistake forgive them. Close relationships are not easy but worth it to fight for.
Thank you very much for all the written and oral comments and for reading my blog!
All the best!


15 The future

As I already mentioned, as kids it was clear for Hanna and me that we wanted to live in one house when we grew-up or be at least neighbors. Unfortunately, there will be some huge problems because our characters, wishes and friends changed through that long time. To be honest, I am still trying and hoping we could one day fulfill our plans.

Surprisingly, Hanna decided she does not want to live in a beautiful village with fresh air, green meadows, huge gardens and familiar neighbors but instead she wants to live in a city, where you can reach everything by foot, even the really cool shopping malls. Seriously, I am not planning to give up my village plans for her, consequently we probably will not be neighbors.

Unfortunately, a split on the other hand is absolutely impossible because we have so many things we share: books, DVDs, games and even clothes. It is difficult enough to handle this problem while we are only in the same house more or less once a month, which is the current situation. Moreover, Hanna and I started collecting books as kids to fulfill our dream of a huge private library. Neither one of us wants to give up that dream. Understandably, I am hoping Hanna’s house in the city will be too small for a private library.

Nevertheless, there is one opinion that we still totally share: It is absolutely necessary to live close to each other all our lives. Despite this, I have no idea how we will fix our problems (maybe this site can help sometimes: http://www.twinsonline.org.uk/adult-twins/) and how close to Hanna I will really live for the rest of my lief. What is more important is that we will always be close to each other and never let anything come between us.


14 Who’s older?

The second question after „Are you identical twins?“ everyone asks me is usually “Who’s older?”. That is easy to answer: I am two minutes older than Hanna. However, nobody ever asks me why I am older because no one expected there is a reason, but there is.

Hanna and I were born with caesarean. Particularly, because I have a cardiac defect which Hanna does not have (many people are surprised by that fact). In short, I do not want to explain the details because it is very complicated, everything you have to know is that I had three heart operations and I am a bit retrenched in sports, especially when I was younger.
As kids, Hanna and I only saw the advantages of my heart issue. In general, I did not do any sports expect the P.E. lesson at school. As I already told you, Hanna and I were a bit of couch potatoes when we were younger so in conclusion we did not like sports very much and we were not good either. Every P.E. lesson I had to sit down on the bench for a while because doing sports for too long is tiring for me and not good for my heart. Consequently, I sat on the bench for more or less half time of the lesson, while Hanna has to run, jump and sweat like the other kids and our teacher did not care when it becomes tiring for her. Additionally, even I was totally bad in sports, I never got a bad grade because it was not my fault. When I got older I also learned to sit down when we did something absolutely horrible nobody likes. Yes, I had my tricks ;).

There was another thing Hanna was always jealous about: I was allowed to go “on holiday” to the children’s hospital. Meanwhile, Hanna had to go to primary school and could not even visit me. Additionally I always got so much attention from everyone. In conclusion, it was Hanna’s biggest dream to have a cardiac defect, too.

When we grew- up, I suddenly notice some disadvantages I have in comparison to healthy people. However, the first time I realized it was still in primary school when I managed to persuade all my friends to play my favourite game “Animal Catching. It was so much fun but after five minutes I was totally tired and had to sit down which meant the end of the game for me. The same happened in the swimming club. It was so much fun but I could never participate in any competition because naturally I was the slowest swimmer in the team.
Additionally, one day I realized that there are many exciting professions I can never do. For example I can never become a fire fighter, a police women or even a nurse because there is too much motion for me.
Plus I have a long scar forever.

All these things considered Hanna changed her mind one day. She never said the following thing to me but I am sure meanwhile she is more than happy she is not the one with the cardiac defect. To be honest, I also think the advantages became less but the disadvantages could be worse at least I survived (I am one of the first technology could save with my cardiac defect and the operation had even been on TV) and I am not that restricted in daily life.

13 Buying a dog?

Geb. Birgit 13.07.2005_0390

As I already mentioned, Hanna and I get along very well. However, there is one thing we have always argued about: buying a dog. When we were younger, Hanna’s school was closer to our house than mine. As a result, she was home more than one hour before me (and my parents) every day. As my best friend got a dog I started wishing to have a dog, too. According to that I asked my parents if they could buy a family dog and they agreed to get one if Hanna and I would always take it for a walk. Naturally, I ran over to Hanna immediately to tell her the great news – but surprisingly she was not as enthusiastic as I expected.

My parents made clear that buying a dog meant that my sister and I were responsible for it. In my opinion it is a good opportunity to learn responsibility by trying to be responsible while knowing you have your parents for help in the background, before you suddenly have your own family with little kids and your own flat and you never tried to be responsible for anything.

One point Hanna stroked in buying a dog was the daily walking after school which she would have to do because she would have been the only one who is home early. To be honest, the daily walk would have been good for us because we were a bit of couch potatoes when we were younger. Additionally, it would have been fun to walk together with the dog in the evenings. What I also would have enjoyed was to take a walk with my best friend and our dogs together. Dogs are always so funny especially when you have taught them some tricks.
By the time Hanna started to have her first boyfriend, I would have been very glad to have a dog by my side because it is always there for his owner.

Furthermore, my main point why everyone should become a dog owner is to help these poor (street)dogs in the animal shelter and give them a new home. On the whole, I am sure I can convince Hanna someday and maybe you, too?

Here are some links from animalshelters and rescues:


12 Our Grand- Aunt’s house

On the whole, Hanna and I always had one dream. Actually in our early days it was more of a plan than a dream. When we went to primary school, we frequently had lunch afterwards at our grand- Aunt Toni’s house, which was also located in our village. Unfortunately, Toni’s second husband died long before we were born and consequently she lived alone in a single-family house.

Every day after lunch we wanted Toni to show the house to us, even if we saw everything just the day before. Right next to the entry door was a small bathroom and there was also another bathroom with a shower, Toni’s kitchen and her living room connected with a dining room. Up the stairs, on the left was another bathroom with a bath tub, another living room, which was not used by Toni, Toni’s bedroom, another kitchen, also not used and a very small room filled by a large cupboard. Additionally, the house had a cellar, a garage with three little rooms and a small backyard.

To put it simply we always wanted to live there. Our dream of life together can be compared to the life of the twins Joan and Jessie (http://www.inquisitr.com/1465624/two-twins-finally-decide-to-go-their-separate-ways-after-90-years-of-living-together/).

At first we just planned to live together with our future husbands, future children and future dogs. As a result, that would be all together eight people and two dogs in the one house. When we talked to our parents about the plan, they pointed out that finding husbands who will agree to the plan is plainly not realistic.

Hanna and I had to accept that they could be right. (Of course we have never heard of this story by then: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2268231/Meet-Britains-closest-sisters-Identical-twins-lived-worked-24-years-planning-joint-retirement-understanding-husbands.html). Therefore we created a new plan: Hanna and her family could move in on the ground floor, while my family could live on the first floor. We were aware of the fact that the house would probably be too small for eight people and two dogs.

However one day Toni, who promised us we could live in her house later, passed away. In conclusion, our mother was the new owner of the house. Hanna and I were still children at that time, so of course there was no way for us to move into the house directly. Nevertheless we always told our parents we want to live there one day and as a result they did not sell it. For many years they rented it to other people. Unfortunately, the house was quite old and there were many problems with the heat, for instance, which our father had to solve. After a few years as landlords, our parents were unhappy to be owners of the old house. Of course, there were many happy memories connected with this house, but without Toni’s furniture and the small renovations of the last renters, it was not the same anyway.

Lastly, our parents sold the house. What should have become the place where Hanna and I lived together now finances our two flats in totally different cities. I guess this is the irony of life!

11 My sister’s first boyfriend

2014-04-15 10.04.20

When we were 14 years old, my sister had her first boyfriend. To be honest, it was a hard situation for me because it felt like losing my sister to a stranger. In conclusion, there was a strong tension between Moritz and me right from the beginning. In fact I did not know how Moritz felt about me, but I was always treating him totally impolitely. The main problem was that Moritz and I were both very possessive and kind of conquered about receiving Hanna’s attention. It was hard for me to understand, that Moritz was never our guest. It was not possible to do something the three of us, which was hard for me to understand. In old times a friend visiting Hanna meant, the three of us hanging around together the whole afternoon. Suddenly, the situation changed: Where Moritz was there, there was no space for me. Additionally, Moritz seemed to be everywhere, even if he was not there. For example when Hanna and I had planed to watch a film together, Moritz often called and Hanna tried to hang up but could not, because Moritz kept on talking. I was just sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for Hanna. She could have entered any moment, so there was no time for doing something else and in conclusion I was just doing nothing, sometimes for half an hour, and when Hanna finally entered, in some cases it even was too late to start a film.

All in all, Moritz lost the fight a few years ago and today Hanna never mentions him anymore. Additionally, Hanna and I are dealing better with the boyfriend situation now. We realized, that there are just some meetings we prefer to have alone. For example I do not want to have Hanna with me when I am meeting my best friend because there are secrets she cannot tell me while Hanna is around. Additionally, I do not take Hanna with me when I go to my old classmate’s house, because I simply want to be alone with him. Hanna on the other hand does not always want my company when she is going out with her current boyfriend. Everything got so much easier because now we both understand and know what the other one wants. So sometimes she brings me along when she is meeting him, because I get along with him very well. I discovered he really likes me, because he sees me as good company and not as the envious sister in the background. Hanna also realized, that she has enough couple time to spend alone with him since they both live in Marburg, so she really enjoys hanging around as a little gang. Seems like all in all we both became mature.

10 Our 18th Birthday

Two years ago we finally turned eighteen. It was a dream coming true. Germany is one of the countries, where you suddenly have rights by turning eighteen you did not had before (as a child). All in all, the most wonderful thing for us is to drive a car without a parent sitting next to us. In conclusion, Hanna and I can do trips with the car just the two of us, which is still one of our favourite things in the world because we can listen to our music on highest volume and scream and sing (as false as we want to) and can also tell secrets. Second we used to live in a small village and driving a car on our own makes us independent from our parents. Nobody needs to drive us home now and in conclusion we can come home more or less whenever we want to.

Even if it felt like sudden, we knew about our new rights of course and as a result we were exciting for years to become eighteen. I guess like every teenager in Germany. To be honest, the best thing was to share the excitement and the lucky day. For the first time, I was glad to just share this turning-eighteen-experience (my birthday) with my sister. In earlier years it was hard for us because Hanna and I where never alone in the center. Instead we needed to share it.

On the whole, Hanna and I got many new friends from church the year before because we started to go there together. In conclusion, we decided to celebrate our eighteenth birthday together. Honestly, I was very glad about that because before churchtimes, I did not had much friends and Hanna did not want to throw a birthday party with me together and in conclusion I was sure my eighteenth birthday would be a disaster. Luckily, my life went another way.

On September, 10th the whole family sent air balloons with wishes for both of us in the sky. Hanna hold my hand and it was one of the most wonderful moments in my life.

On the next weekend we celebrated our birthday with our friends. To be honest, I was very happy, when I realized that most of the people came for both of us. At that time I had a crush on one of my friends. He was also there and it went well between us.

The next morning Hanna and I ate great things from our buffet for breakfast, cleaned the room and could not stop talking how well everything went and what a great party we had.



9 Different types of characters

To show another twin story, I am going to narrate one from a film, which, in my point of view, is realistic.

On the whole the, film “The Challenge” (http://www.moviepilot.de/movies/the-challenge-eine-echte-herausforderung) is about the relationship between the twin sisters Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Shane Dalton.

Max was quite surprised when his trainee Marcus showed him the videos of two candidates for his TV-show “The Challenge”. Lizzie and Shane were twin sisters with totally different characters and therefore could not stand each other.

“The Challenge” took place somewhere in a desert of Mexico. Eight teenagers from all over the USA had to fulfil hard challenges in two groups of four. Their aim was to gain a scholarship for college.
To gain a larger audience, Max put the two twin girls in one team as a regarding they fight all the time.

Definitely Max’s wish came true. As a matter of fact, Lizzie and Shane both had no idea that the other one took part in the challenge. Otherwise they would have never agreed to go. Behind their backs, the twins’ divorced parents arranged their attendances, because they finally wanted them to get along well.

In the beginning this was absolutely not going to happen. On the contrary, Lizzie and Shane freaked out with everything that their sister did. Additionally they concentrated hardly on their different characters: Shane, who lived in Los Angeles, was a total nature girl, vegetarian and saving the environment was the most important thing to her; while Lizzie, on the contrary, loved to live in the city of Washington D.C., liked rare steak and used air-conditions the whole day.

Consequently, the two sisters had a lot to fight about but with the help of the other two team partners they realized they had to work together. First they did not do a good job but one by one they learned that the -in their view- annoying behaviour of their sister helped the team. In addition the twins are amazed that they had actually many things in common. In the end, they really helped each other and became friends again, even if they were so different on the first view.

By the way, Hanna and I do also have contrasting types of characters. I guess, if we had grown up together, we would never be friends.

8 Our best friends

In primary school we stopped sharing a best friend. Geri has moved classes and we met new girls from the second kindergarten in our village. On condition that Hanna and I were not allowed to sit next to each other, we had to find new best friends to share a table with. As a matter of fact Hanna was very lucky or she did a very good job, I do not know. In other words she sat next to Jenny for the rest of primary school time, met her many times per week in the afternoon, had sleepovers with her and went to the same school as her in fifth grade. It was obvious that Hanna and Jenny fit perfectly together and would be best friends for life (it later turned out this is not going to happen).

In general I was not as successful as Hanna. Through the whole primary school I had different “best friends” but not until ninth grade I found out what having a best friend means. In primary school none of these girls ever treated me as Hanna was treated by Jenny. There was nobody who always wanted to hang around with me. Sometimes I went to Jenny’s house together with Hanna but to be honest (which is unbelievable because Hanna and Jenny are so close) I never got along with Jenny that well. Although we never had a real fight or insulted each other, I often felt some kind of tension.

The unfair allocation went on when we got older: Hanna got two additional best friends, I was not able to find one real best friend. Maybe she did not only had more luck but was also more open.

Fortunately times had changed. Now I have a best friend to whom I am nearly as close as to Hanna and who makes me able to stop being jealous of Hanna because of her friends.

7 Our best friend

As I already mentioned, Hanna and I had the same best friend, when we were in kindergarten and a little gang of mainly three other girls but we often hung around with our best friend Geri just the three of us. It was a very funny time. Frequently at Geri’s house we were alone with the nanny. Every time Hanna and Geri invented a funny thing we could do. To be honest our activities were more than stupid sometimes. One day we wanted to build a swimming pool in Geri’s bedroom, so we filled cups with water, brought them into her room and just turned them around so that the water drops on the floor. Another time we painted her new bed with unwashable colour.

When Geri’s mom came home in the evening, she shouted at the nanny because she did not keep an eye on us (Geri had many new nannys in the whole kindergartentimes) and maybe she shouted at Geri, too. Undoubtedly it did not take our mom very long to find out, whose idea it always was and she shouted at Hanna every home drive. Frankly Hanna was always the one who responsible for everything. It was true, that she was the one with the ideas but it always made me thought of me being too passive. Obviously I was the only one who did not take responsibility for herself.100_5821